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Not All Insulation Is Created Equal

Demilec USA spray foam seals cracks, gaps, and voids by expanding to air seal and insulate in a single application. The combination of the expanding foram and the inherent adhesive properties of the polyurethane plastic sets our insulation apart from others.

High air permeability of traditional insulation allows air to easily pass through walls where gaps and seams exist. Also, differences between interior and exterior temperatures create convective air currents within wall cavities. Air infiltration and convection currents in walls and ceilings reduce the thermal performance of traditional insulation.

  • Reduce Air Infiltration
  • Control & Reduce Noise
  • Increase Energy Efficiency
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Substantially Cut Energy Bills
  • Reduce Indoor Dust & Allergens



I have used Snowman Construction for several maintenance projects on my property in Mankato, MN. Their prices are competitive, their quality of work is outstanding, and they get the work done when they say they are going to.

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