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Vertical ICF Foundations

1. Engineered

Engineered to use 40% less concrete than ICF blocks.

  • Our unique modified post-and-beam structural design optimizes the use of concrete, saving natural resources and money
  • More than 2 years of engineering development, physical testing, and ongoing analysis has resulted in a superior ICF wall system
  • Our Fail-Safe Locking Grid Design TM means that the system is straight, level and true, without bowed or wavy walls
  • The Hobbs design is widely supported by licensed engineers throughout North America
  • To prove the added strength of our composite system, we conducted testing through Iowa State University, the test results revealed an increase in strength of nearly 50% when compared to the theoretical engineering design (concrete and rebar alone)

2. Easy

Easier to assemble and requires 50% less labor than ICF blocks

  • No tying, gluing, or taping required
  • Vertical design means it’s safer than ICF blocks as laborers assemble product primarily from the ground
  • The design eliminates costly errors such as forgetting to place the rebar
  • Assembly is very easy to learn and requires less skilled labor than typical ICF blocks
  • Materials are pre-cut before arriving at job site
  • The Hobbs system uses less bracing and doesn’t rely on ICF bracing to keep system straight and true

3. Green

Greener and users more foam to achieve an R-30 insulation value that is 25% greater than typical ICF blocks

  • Uses 40% less concrete than typical ICF blocks which reduces environmental impact
  • Contains 47% recycled content
  • As all excess waste is recycled and put back into the components, nothing gets sent to the landfill during the post-industrial process; the Hobbs design also significantly reduces post-construction waste, to further eliminate trips to the landfill
  • In the tenets of “Green” building, 50% labor savings means less environmental burden
  • The foam panels contain 39% more foam insulation than typical ICF systems, provides more insulation than typical ICF systems, provides more insulation value, generating higher energy savings,m and an exceptional R-30 insulation value (in a 9′ wall example)
  • Knockdown design reduces trucking, and the majority of the foam components are manufactured and shipped on a regional basis

Brad was a professional from beginning to end. There was approximately a 2 month period between the estimate and the work but they still honored the price.

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