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Vertical ICF Foundations

1. Engineered

Engineered to use 40% less concrete than ICF blocks.

  • Our unique modified post-and-beam structural design optimizes the use of concrete, saving natural resources and money
  • More than 2 years of engineering development, physical testing, and ongoing analysis has resulted in a superior ICF wall system
  • Our Fail-Safe Locking Grid Design TM means that the system is straight, level and true, without bowed or wavy walls
  • The Hobbs design is widely supported by licensed engineers throughout North America
  • To prove the added strength of our composite system, we conducted testing through Iowa State University, the test results revealed an increase in strength of nearly 50% when compared to the theoretical engineering design (concrete and rebar alone)

2. Easy

Easier to assemble and requires 50% less labor than ICF blocks

  • No tying, gluing, or taping required
  • Vertical design means it’s safer than ICF blocks as laborers assemble product primarily from the ground
  • The design eliminates costly errors such as forgetting to place the rebar
  • Assembly is very easy to learn and requires less skilled labor than typical ICF blocks
  • Materials are pre-cut before arriving at job site
  • The Hobbs system uses less bracing and doesn’t rely on ICF bracing to keep system straight and true

3. Green

Greener and users more foam to achieve an R-30 insulation value that is 25% greater than typical ICF blocks

  • Uses 40% less concrete than typical ICF blocks which reduces environmental impact
  • Contains 47% recycled content
  • As all excess waste is recycled and put back into the components, nothing gets sent to the landfill during the post-industrial process; the Hobbs design also significantly reduces post-construction waste, to further eliminate trips to the landfill
  • In the tenets of “Green” building, 50% labor savings means less environmental burden
  • The foam panels contain 39% more foam insulation than typical ICF systems, provides more insulation than typical ICF systems, provides more insulation value, generating higher energy savings,m and an exceptional R-30 insulation value (in a 9′ wall example)
  • Knockdown design reduces trucking, and the majority of the foam components are manufactured and shipped on a regional basis

I have used Snowman Construction for several maintenance projects on my property in Mankato, MN. Their prices are competitive, their quality of work is outstanding, and they get the work done when they say they are going to.

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